The OECD tracks the ratio of government tax revenues

In urgent response to the COVID 19 pandemic, our federal and provincial governments are by necessity imposing harsh restrictions on Canadians to promote favourable health outcomes, while disgorging liquidity to bridge our hobbled economy through the crisis. Though the emergency requires a forceful response from the public sector, when the crisis subsides we will need to roll back our temporarily heightened dependence on government.Pre pandemic, the Canadian economy was mainly market based, private and profit driven, with taxpayer funded government services in health care, education and other sectors where the public interest is important. The OECD tracks the ratio of government tax revenues to GDP.

Reading the trial testimony and news reports [about the murder], I got the impression it was a tiny area, some brush behind a building by the railroad tracks. I had no idea there was a whole forest back there, where people rode dirt bikes. In all honesty, I was wondering if there’s a bunch of other bodies back there that the Feds never found.

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