Usually, these breaks in play whilst the clock is

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cheap nfl jerseys (Image: SIPA USA/PA Images)Whenever there is a change in possession, the clock stops and sides change their personnel, alternating between their 11 man offensive and defensive units.Usually, these breaks in play whilst the clock is stopped are marked by commercial breaks as the NFL takes full advantage of its vast global outreach. An average game features around 12 possessions per team, with each change usually welcoming a round of TV commercials.Factor in roughly two video reviews of controversial calls, penalties, three time outs per side where they can tactically choose to stop the clock and a break with two minutes remaining at the end of each half and it’s clear to see how the number of commercial breaks significantly increases the time a game takes to complete.How can the length of games differ so much? As mentioned, the average NFL game takes 3 hours and 12 minutes to complete, but this can vary drastically.In 2008, a game between the Tennessee Titans and Indianapolis Colts broke a 12 year record for the Cheap Jerseys china fastest NFL game, finishing in 2 hours, 33 minutes whereas some games have been known to go on to close to four hours. How can these times vary by such a degree?(Image: Getty Images)A number of factors speed up or slow down a game. cheap nfl jerseys

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